Essential Features That You Should Consider Before Purchasing a CCTV Camera

The term CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, and it is mainly used for surveillance and security purposes in homes, highways, and property and business premises, among other places. Since CCTV signals are never distributed publicly, you will need a camera to be mounted in strategic areas that need monitoring the CCTV signals. There are different types of CCTV cameras from various companies; hence the market becomes crowded. Because of this, getting the best CCTV camera with quality features that will make you happy has become challenging. Therefore, we have listed the factors that will ensure you get the best CCTV camera for your CCTV system.

Here are the essential features of a CCTV camera that you should keep in mind before purchasing a CCTV camera for your home, property, office, or business premises

  1. The right lens

The lens of the CCTV camera is responsible for gathering the light from the sensor. Every image and video that you see and recorded on the DVR passes through the lens. The lens controls the CCTV camera’s focus since it determines if the pictures and the video recorded can be recognized when being viewed. Getting the right lens will ensure that the images or videos recorded on the DVR are clear and easily identified for future reference or evidence. Without the right lens in focus, there will be no point of surveillance. (

  1. The sensor

A CCTV camera has two main sensor specifications, i.e., the type and the size of the sensor. Not all digital sensors are made equal. CCTV camera sensors are divided into either CMOS that stands for Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, or CCD, which means charge-coupled device. The CCD sensors use more power and are generally pricier than CMOS. When it comes to the CCTV camera sensor’s size, a CCTV camera with large sensors has more light, thus processing and producing high-quality images and video for easy viewing. (

  1. The output resolution

The better the resolution of the CCTV camera, the better the quality image output. However, the output resolution depends on the input. The best CCTV camera for the CCTV system should have the resolution, the sensors, and the lens that match the image or video recorded or viewed as quality. Should the resolution be higher than the lens and the sensors, the extra resolution will be wasted. The CCTV camera resolution is the TVL. The TVL is the number of the horizontal lines. The best CCTV camera should have at least 420TVL to produce top quality images for easy viewing. (


There are various types of CCTV cameras, and there is no type that is better than the other. All that matters for the CCTV camera are the specifications that you will need. What makes the difference in the different types of the CCTV camera are the features, i.e., the sensors, the lenses, and the output resolution. Getting the best CCTV camera with the best features that match entails getting the image and video you may use for future references, evidence, and other things.