Glazier Tips

You’re a man in your 30s. You work for an MNC. And you’d taken up emergency training courses in the past – probably a couple of years ago. And now you’re wondering whether you need to take these courses again.

Yes – if it’s been years and you’re not confident about handling a situation where you might need to help a guy with chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth breathing, and avoiding the common mistakes that untrained folks are more likely to commit.

See the thing is we all are human-beings and no matter how hard we try, we forget what we once learnt – except things like alphabets and counting. So if you too feel that you need to brush up on life-saving skills that you once learnt – go, take up emergency training courses. They’re still so very affordable.

If you took an emergency training course quite recently, you better not bother about it. Just make sure you continue to learn – there’re tons of videos and textual and visual content. You can share what you learnt with your colleagues and friends – this will help you memorize the skills for a longer period of time.