Things to Write On a Gravestone Head

What do you do after losing someone that you love? You will be torn between deleting anything that reminds you of them, and keeping their memory alive. A headstone makes your arrangement for a loved one’s memorial easy. However, you should know the right thing to put on it.

  • First, it’s the name and dates

When getting a headstone, people’s biggest mistake is starting with some phrases such as ‘cherished memories of so’ and so or ‘in loving memory.’ Start with the name because everything else, including the dates, is optional. You want people to know who lies in the grave and including the dates gives a brief history of their lifespan.

  • Get an interesting gravestone inscription

Adding some words to show how much the person was loved and cherished gives the reader something positive and uplifting from what appears like a sad situation. A quotation or a short poem helps you achieve this.

  • Be brief

The overwhelming love you have for the deceased gives a natural impulse to say a lot. Regardless of the challenge, it’s to remain brief; it is the best way out. There is a lot of strength in proper words. Too many words may end up weakening your message.

  • Leave space for imagination

Avoid writing everything directly and instead leave some space for imagination. For example, something such as a religious quote could have different meanings.

A headstone gives you a chance to immortalize the legacy of your loved one. It is not easy to know the best message to write on the gravestone, but you will definitely get it right with the tips.